From the very beginning our philosophy has led us to deal with Customer problems by approaching different fields successfully. The diverse experience acquired in various sectors has allowed us to implement the best applications, offering non-standard solutions to particular problems.

Our goal is, in fact, to create an understanding with the Client, not only related to the single machine or line required, but also with a look to the future and to the possibility of expanding the productive capacity of the Client, from the point of view of an increase in quantity of products, but also of a broadening in product range. Flexibility is, therefore, a fundamental part of our projects, which are totally customized in compliance with Client needs. Solidity and quality of materials used complete the profile of each plant built, allowing for a high durability.

Within the various sectors in which we have worked so far, we have had the opportunity to offer and implement solutions for different stages of processing. The diversification of products and sectors dealt with over time has led us to acquire transversal knowledge, knowledge which is at our Clients disposal, whilst always carrying out the design with an open mentality. 

Finally, in order to maintain the acquired understanding with the Client, the offered services package is integrated with the greatest availability for Client assistance at all times in the phases succeeding installation, providing maintenance and spare parts whenever necessary.   

Below is an exemplifying, non-exhaustive list of some of the plants and sectors covered.



  • Assembly lines for ground boilers and wall boilers 
  • Transfer lines equipped with robots for the automatic assembly of heat exchangers
  • Plants for the automatic unloading of aluminium radiators from  overhead painting lines (in continuous motion) equipped with carton automatic packaging plants and subsequent multi-code palletizing plants with anthropomorphic robots
  • Drilling transfer lines for gas burners
  • Assembly plants for gas burners



  • Assembly plants for SbS refrigerator doors 
  • Plants for handling of compressors, assembly of rubber vibration dampers and crossbar coupling
  • Plants for the loading, positioning and glass gluing on SbS refrigerator doors   
  • Plants for silicone distribution on ovens
  • Plants for the screwing of muffles on ovens



  • Fluxing benches for filters for high-end cars
  • Welding machines for car filters
  • Piling machines for radiator reed spacers
  • Parallel geometry robots for piling of automotive exchangers
  • Piling machines for plate exchangers



  • Assembly benches for diving masks
  • Punch cutter
  • Handling machine for loading of high-temperature ovens
  • Palletization robots for aluminium bars
  • Packaging and palletization plants for bedsprings