ATEC was founded in 1980 as a retail company in the field of packaging machines and has rapidly grown into a company able to offer solutions to various problems related to production processes of different sectors, based on the design and the development of customized plants.

The solutions to the problems raised by Customers, ever increasing in occurrence and ever more varied, has allowed ATEC to acquire an increasingly diversified know-how, allowing the company to evolve from a simple mediator into a proper problem-solver.

The growing automation needs for any market has led to the production by ATEC of ever more sophisticated plants: transfer lines integrated with anthropomorphic robots equipped with vision systems, special packaging plants, handling systems, drilling transfer machines, assembly plants, special machines.

Technological innovation and Customer problems constitute the starting point for each of our projects, to which we have been ensuring, for over 30 years, seriousness and precision, alongside the reliability and durability of our plants.